Thursday, 27 August 2015


As a child I was always looking up at the sky searching for the constellations. Most of the time I was able to find the Ursa Major and the Ursa Minor but just when I thought I was close to discovering another constellation the days grew longer and I had to go to bed way before it was dark enough to admire the starry sky. That same starry sky hasn’t lost any of its magic ever since. If it wasn’t for me being such a stay-at-home I would definitely have travelled to the southern hemisphere by now to see ‘the other side’ of the sky. Last Wednesday night the weather man forecasted a meteor shower. In the absence of wanderlust you can always count on a sturdy meteor shower! You can make as much wishes as you wish and it’s totally romantic as well! You can imagine us being completely ready for it: standing in front of the window waiting for shooting stars. Unfortunately the clouds threw spanner in the works. We didn’t see any shooting star that night. Disappointed we went to bed. Better luck next time?

The next morning I made myself a smoothie for breakfast. That morning the clouds had made room for the sun and the sunlight made my smoothie glow! It was like having the universe for breakfast! That’s when I thought of these Shooting Star Smoothies: the blackberries are the universe, the strawberries and mango are the galaxy and the stars. It’s just what you need if you’re a stay-at-home like me: the universe for breakfast. This way you will have travelled through galaxies even before you set foot outside your door!  

A smoothie is a drink with fruit and water or ice cubes. Adding dairy products like yogurt or milk makes it a milkshake variation rather than a smoothie. Green smoothies are made of raw, green veggies like spinach, kale, celery, and parsley. Adding a banana to your green smoothie will soften the bitter taste. Green smoothies are very healthy but usually I don’t quite enjoy them as much as fruit smoothies. Maybe they’re just too healthy? Like every sip is screaming: ‘I’m super healthy so it doesn’t matter what I taste like!’

Anyway, I’m a fruit smoothies person and I like them so much because you can be as ingenious as you like. For instance you have an Indian smoothie, called Lassi, with a couple of variations. There’s Salty Lassi (yoghurt + water + spices + salt), Sweet Lassie (yoghurt + water + fruit + rosewater), Mango Lassi (yoghurt + water + mango pulp) and Bhang Lassi (yoghurt + water + liquid cannabis, maybe not so suitable for your daily workday…). Fruit smoothies are often part of cocktails. The Cosmopolitan for instance is made of vodka citron, cointreau and lime and cranberry juice. 

My Shooting Star Smoothies are made of three different fruit smoothies which you can easily drink separately. So no worries if you’re a somewhat minimalist smoothie lover but needless to say they will only get really divine if you combine the three. You can keep the smoothies as basic as you like (fruit + water) or add some fiber if you have them for breakfast (fruit + water + oats) or you can go completely wild with everything you can find in your cupboard (chia, hemp, sesame or flaxseed, honey, bee pollen, coconut). The only thing I wouldn’t recommend is liquid cannabis… 

Recipe Shooting Star Smoothies
Enough for 5 large glasses

Universe Smoothie
In a blender mix 300 gr blackberries with 250 ml water until smooth. 

Galaxy Smoothie 
In a blender mix 250 gr strawberries with 250 ml water until smooth. 

Star Smoothie
In a blender mix 1 mango, 1 banana, juice of 1 lemon and 200 ml water until smooth. 

1. Pour the Universe, Galaxy, and Stars together in a glass to create one big universe with a marvellous meteor shower.

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