Tuesday, 23 February 2016

CHEF (2014)

Heart warming foodgood movie

Chef Carl Caspers is very clear: you eat with your heart and with your gut. And if you eat you should eat well. So you'll eat the best andouille sausages from Louisiana when you're in Louisiana and the best beignets from New Orleans you'll eat when you're in New Orleans. Eating them somewhere else will take you back to a whole world of memories when you ate them in Louisiana or New Orleans. Being someone who has never eaten andouille sausages, beignets, Cubano sandwiches, Texan barbecue or po'boys, watching Chef (2014) is a promising experience.  The knowledge of such an overabundance of food culture and flavours yet to be discovered fills me with joy!

In most food-related movies food and the preperation of it symbolizes love and sensuality. That's why the food in the movies crackles, rustles, slithers and steams a lot more than on your average Monday evening in your own kitchen. This use of 'foodporn' (excuse me for using this term) definitely makes sure the way to the heart goes through the stomach. Fortunately in Chef this only happens once. Mostly food symbolizes fatherly love, friendship, creativity and attention. Watching Chef Carl Caspers careful and thorough food cutting techniques really is contagious. To portray Carl Caspers as thruthful as possible actor Jon Favreau went to a professional French cooking school while being mentored by foodtruck chef Roy Choi. This really shows on screen and add to the movie's credibility. Even a run-of-the-mill grilled cheese sandwich casually eaten by hand is made with surgical precision. 

Some critical IMDb afficionados complain about the lack of a so called 'third act' meaning that there's not enough hardship or misery to overcome in the first place. Maybe they are right, but I felt wonderful after watching Chef and I don't see the need to turn every feelgood movie into a multilayered pshycological drama. So go and watch Chef if you're in for a heart warming foodgood movie which will make you hungry for sure. Join Chef Carl Caspers on his fabulous roadtrip across the United States while enjoying a very merry soundtrack.

After watching Chef I immediately wanted to make those delicious Mojo Pork Cubanos, so I did (with surgical precision). You find the recipe HERE

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